Are the following people healthy? Are the following people ill?

–A person with lung cancer

–A woman going through menopause

–An aerobic physical fitness instructor

— A person with myopia (near sightedness)

–A person who is paraplegic

–A shopaholic


1. Write a brief explanation of why the people are healthy or ill.

2. Write two lists of words (terms, phrases/features) used for explaining why a person is healthy or ill.

3. Choose one normally seen as ill. List descriptions for why they are classified as being ill.

4. Choose one that is often classified as healthy.  List descriptors for healthy people.

5. Summarize your findings.  What criteria are often used to define health and illness? What are your criteria? Reflect on course materials from the first week of class and this week. What is one of the most important insights you have gained from the material provided so far about how we define health and illness? Post your summary only (in other words, do not post the process you went through, post just your reflections after going through steps 1-4) to the discussion board and reply to peers by Sunday of week one. Your summary should be about half a page.  Review expectations for participation in the syllabus. You will not see others’ posts until you have posted.

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